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Slip on Gripper

Ochranný antislide na kluznou botu.

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The Goldline antislider, slip on gripper, is made from a rubber composition specially formulated to provide traction on ice. The antislider is commonly used over the slider foot and removed only during delivery.

The antislider is an important piece of equipment. It gives you traction and therefore stability on your slider foot. The only time it is usually taken off is during delivery. The rubber used in Goldline antisliders is specially formulated to provide traction on ice, while at the same time being durable and affording longevity.

Goldline antisliders are available in two models, a regular width version and a wide version that fits Quantum and G50 shoes. The sizing chart is based on our "wide" grippers and is recommended for most people. Please also note that Regular antisliders tend to be more narrow in the heel. 

If you are matching up to an existing shoe, here are the measurements for our antisliders:

Antislider Sizes
Size Length Width
XXS Wide 260 mm 104 mm
XS Wide 266 mm 107 mm
Small Wide 278 mm 110 mm
Medium Wide 290 mm 113 mm
Large Wide 303 mm 116 mm
XL Wide 315 mm 119 mm
XXL Wide 327 mm 122 mm
Size Length Width
XS Regular 244 mm 87 mm
Small Regular 260 mm 90 mm
Medium Regular 270 mm 100 mm
Large Regular 285 mm 103 mm
XL Regular 300 mm 106 mm
XXL Regular 315 mm 110 mm
Old Style Wide
Size Length Width
XS Old Style Wide 240 mm 90 mm
Medium Old Style Wide 270 mm 110 mm
Large Old Style Wide 285 mm 120 mm