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Fuego dámská

Novinka, červené boty na curling s kluznou podrážkou rychlost 11, typ FG50

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6 130 Kč
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Kategorie: Obuv dámská
  • Wrapped in our IceKnit fabric, this curling shoe is lightweight, durable, insulated for warmth and very flexible.
  • Fuego shoes are rated as speed 11, with a 1/4" Teflon slider making it ideal for curlers looking to maximize their slide.
  • Flexible upper and stable outsole for the perfect combination of balance and mobility.
  • Equipped with Goldline's gripper technology, the gold standard of stability and widely regarded as the best in the market for sure footing.
  • To protect the toe of your G50 shoe, Goldline strongly recommends adding a toe coat with all G50 shoes.
  • These Fuego shoes are designed for right-handed curlers and come with a slider on the left foot and a gripper on the right foot.
  • Goldline recommends a wide Antislider for these shoes. Sold separately.